Zeiss Discontinues the Ikon

In some truly sad news, it would appear that Zeiss has decided to cancel the Zeiss Ikon line of rangefinder cameras entirely. We always knew the silver model was a limited edition... But then they canceled the SW. Now it's gone entirely with the black version. It's always been said that Zeiss created the Ikon to sell the ZM lenses. But with the ever increasing popularity among small format cameras... That's no longer necessary. Petapixel, Phoblographer and Zeiss Rumors have more.

Zeiss has posted the following on Facebook:

You might have come across some discussions about the end of our Zeiss Ikon camera. The Zeiss Ikon is a convenient, discreet and uncomplicated camera with M-mount, used mainly by fans of analogue photography. In order to cater to the rapid development of the market, we have decided to focus our efforts on camera lenses for different applications and camera systems and to stop the production of the Zeiss Ikon camera. However, we will continue to produce and further expand the range of lenses for the ZM lens family, which can be used on many analogue and digital M-mount cameras. The Zeiss Ikon camera will be available at Carl Zeiss authorized dealers as long as stocks last and we will continue service and support for the camera.