Wotancraft Commander Review

Added today is the Wotancraft Atellier Commander (City Explorer) Review!

The Commander is the largest bag in the City Explorer line - larger than the Scout, Avenger and even the Ranger bags. While it's primarily targeted at DSLR shooters, thanks to its highly configurable nature - it can work for rangefinder, mirrorless and multi-platform shooters.

Exclusive to La Vida Leica and in cooperation with Wotancraft Ateliler!

We are offering a "Pioneer Program." Two people will receive 15% off the purchase price, and will be chosen at random on February 14, 2015. To enter, contact us with the kind of shooting gear you're using, an online portfolio or gallery and of course, your email address. The only thing that we ask is that the two winners respond below with a short review (within a month of receiving their bags) of what they think of it!