Updates on M and Accessories

Now that the shockwaves have travelled around the Leica world of the M's release (a story we broke on Tuesday), where do we stand? In this post we're going to keep track of some brief updates as we come across them throughout the day and weekend. The updates thus far are:

  • Check out our continuously updated list of Leica M Information covering reviews, articles, videos and sample images in the Leica M forum.
  • The M has started delivery in most regions, but not all. Asia, Europe and America have all reported actual deliveries. Australia has to wait potentially to mid-March.
  • So far, folks in Singapore, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the UK and the USA (FL and DC) have so far reported deliveries of their new M cameras. More to follow.
  • Many dealers now have at least one model in store to demo. Some have limited access (where you must schedule time) and you need to bring an SD card and lens.
  • Quantities for the first batch were very limited - a range of 50-150 is what we're hearing. Could be if they just finished with tweaking. The next batch will likely be 5-6 weeks.
  • While we're seeing mostly black Ms out there, there are reports of chrome versions being delivered as well. Depends on the dealer as to what they ordered, both are out.
  • One unconfirmed figure we got was that 15,000 Ms were pre-ordered. So if you're not on a list somewhere, it might be a while before you can get one...
  • Maximum production at Leica in their current facilities is limited to about 50 cameras per day and there's clearly no built-up stock to meet demand.
  • Some accessories are still not available. They include additional batteries, multifunction handgrip, EVF and R-M adapter. They should be following along shortly.
  • If you absolutely cannot wait to get yours, enjoy this unboxing video in the meantime. :)
  • The production firmware shipped with these cameras is v1.1.0.0. However, Leica has released firmware v1.1.0.2 for download.
  • Thumbs Up users will likely want to keep using one despite the rear thumb wheel/grip, which isn't quite the same.
  • At least one person has found several hot columns and other image defects in higher ISO (3200) shots. People testing their new Ms might want to scrutinize.
  • The new M has just as much a problem with "red edge" on wide and ultra-wide angle lenses as the M9 that aren't coded (and thus have corrections).
  • Someone has shot macro with an APO-Macro-Elmarit-R 100mm f/2.8 - and it works great, apparently. It's also rather... Strange to see from an M camera!
  • If you don't want to pay the high prices or wait on delivery - of the Leica EVF2 and Microphone accessories for the M - you can buy Olympus now, for less.
  • If your lens isn't coded (perhaps because of a "notched/Type I" Voigtländer LTM/M adapter) or just because - you might have Live View issues.
  • The Leica logo, roundel or "red dot" has traditionally been 10mm in diameter - the one on the new M is 12mm... Incompatible with existing "black dots."