Tie Her Up Snake Camera Strap

Last updated April 10, 2016

Tie Her Up - Snake Camera Strap review


We'd like to start off and send a big thank you to the AFShoot Shop run by Angelo Fernandes. He sent us this strap for review, so please consider supporting him should you decide to purchase this strap.

AFShoot Shop is an UK based online shop specialized in high quality camera accessories for professional and amateur photographers founded by Angelo Fernandes, a photographer himself. AFShoot Shop is offering a whole range of camera accessories: camera straps, soft release buttons, hot shoe covers, lens metal hoods and lens focus tabs.

Tie Her Up straps are designed by Evris Papanikolas - film director and photographer - he's made more than 1000 commercials in Greece, Egypt, Dubai, Lebanon, Portugal, Turkey, Morocco, Ukraine and Colombia. While the company makes a variety of straps - mostly leather - it was the "Snake" that caught our eye. We have a particular fondness for "rope" style straps... Maybe not as posh, but certainly more use (and abuse) friendly.

How does this strap compare to some of the industry standards like Artisan & Artist ACAM-301 and Street Strap? Quite well, actually - let's see why.


The strap is shipped in a linen pouch that's custom printed with the Tie Her Up logo along with the name, color and length of the strap. It's simple, yet nice. A green solution to packaging that also displays well on a store shelf (though it lacks a means to hang it).

Tie Her Up - Snake camera strap pouch


The straps are made from premium full grain Italian/Greek leather and climbing ropes. They are said to be very durable, improve as they age and of course they soften as you use them. The fact that these are sourced from climbing ropes certainly gives us the reassurance that holding a camera, no matter how heavy - should not be a problem! The split ring that holds the camera is 15mm in diameter and of a high quality (see notes below). Snake straps come in two sizes - 100cm and 125cm. The shorter length is great for those that prefer wearing the camera over only one shoulder or around the neck, hanging down in front. The longer version, and the one we chose - is better suited for those that wear their camera diagonally across the body, or for tall folks.

The Snake is available in three colors, and the choices are quite nice; from the understated black and grey to a flashier red. All three pair very well with a variety of Leica (and other) camera equipment. The strap end leather and threading is black, regardless of strap color.

In Practice

When first removing the strap from the pouch, it's a little surprising at how thick it is. This is one beefy strap! It's thicker than the Street Strap that we've reviewed previously, as well as the Artisan & Artist ACAM-301 strap. Its commanding presence immediately made us think that this strap would be great for heavier setups especially - such as a Leica M camera with a Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens attached.

Tie Her Up - Snake camera strap coiled up

The strap material does have a slight amount of stretch to it, which is nice - as it should cushion your neck and shoulder a bit from the bouncing of the camera. It's also quite soft and flexible... We'd rate it as softer than the Street Strap but not as soft as the Artisan & Artist ACAM-301. The former is nylon while the latter is silk, so not surprising. We suspect a slightly looser weave than the former gives that impression; as tactically, without applying pressure - they feel about the same. This too is not surprising, as the Snake is also made of nylon. It's worth pointing out that nylon should not be discounted as a strap material... It really is quite soft and comfortable on the skin and serves to keep the price down. It will also break in a bit further, so there's that.

Tie Her Up - Snake camera strap closeup

The strap ends are folded leather of a nice weight, which is then stitched along the sides and once through the strap with a nylon thread. While not cross-stitched like the Street Strap nor as heavy a thread in the middle as the Artisan & Artist ACAM-301 - it looks and feels quite strong. The one issue we noticed is the ends of this nylon thread, which were melted to prevent fraying (a common practice with this type of thread)... In two places it felt rough; a little "sharp" even. We usually place the strap between our fingers, so this would certainly not do. Thankfully, the fix is really pretty easy - simply apply a flame from a lighter to the thread end after pulling it out a little to re-melt it. After one or two attempts, the ends are now fairly smooth. This should have been caught by the manufacturer, certainly.

Tie Her Up - Snake camera strap ends

One other issue worth pointing out (notably for Fujifilm shooters) is that because of the beefy nature of the split rings, they will not fit the smaller strap lugs. You can get them on, but they'll sit only where the actual split occurs. This renders the strap less mobile within the lug and might even cause premature wear. Simply swap out a skinnier split ring in such cases (they're quite inexpensive - but an extra step). No issues with Leica cameras, however. Note that this only applies to those straps bought directly from Tie Her Up as the AFShoot Shop version has universal (skinnier) split rings for this reason.

The Verdict

What's nice about these round straps is that they don't twist up like conventional, flat straps do. There's also no "shoulder pad" to deal with. As a result, you can easily wear the camera to your side and slide it up quickly to your eye, even with bulky or "catchy" clothing. Furthermore, you can easily loop the strap around your wrist to use it as a wrist strap. They're simple and get the job done, require no maintenance and take extreme punishment well.

While we certainly like the high-end feel of the Artisan & Artist ACAM-301, the price is a tough pill to swallow. The garish branding and white contrast stitching on the strap ends has also been a bit of a turn off, to be honest. Though it does come in four colors (black, white, red and khaki). This drove us to choose the Street Strap - same principle but at a much better price point; largely due to the choice of nylon vs. silk for the strap material. Much more low-key than the ACAM-301, but it only comes in black. The Snake strap however, takes it a step further with thicker rope - which is perfect for heavier rigs or those that just prefer a beefier strap. Three colors to choose from, yet low-key as well!

Furthermore, the price of the Snake strap comes in at about $60-64 USD, depending on the length. This is less than half the cost of the ACAM-301, and falls within the range of the Street Strap's pricing (which varies from $60-80 USD). This is excellent pricing, in our opinion. The Snake strap has become our new favorite alternative to traditional, flat leather straps.

Grab yours at the AFShoot Shop today!