Scott Williams Reviews the M9

As we've said before, we love these sorts of stories. Scott Williams, a Toronto-based Nikon DSLR shooter - finally realized his own dream of owning a Leica M9 and Summarit-M 35mm f/2.5 lens. So enamored was he, that he wrote a Leica M9 Review. He concludes with, "I really do think that my days as a DSLR shooter are very numbered."

There's just something about Leica's and rangefinders... I can't even explain it, I just love them. Maybe it's the history? Some of the worlds best photographers have used Leica's... Cartier-Bresson, Erwitt, Capa just to name a few. Maybe it's just the lack of automation and options when using a Leica. Either way, it's just fun to shoot with.