Q&A with Photographer Frank Hallam Day

Photo copyright by Frank Hallam Day

The Creative Review has a nice "Q&A with photographer Frank Hallam Day" for us. You may have seen some of his work such as the "RV Night" series (one shot of which is seen above) and "Ship Hulls." He's based out of Washington, and a self-taught photographer - he exhibits and also teaches photography in several educational institutions in the U.S. Like many of us, he got bitten by the photography bug at an early age; watching his dad in the darkroom. A nice read!

... I don't use medium format film any more; full frame digital is just as good as scanned MF film. Now I carry the Leica M, a bunch of Leica glass, and the new Sony Alpha 7r with an adapter to use the Leica lenses. Leica glass is amazing, nothing else like it.