Pro Leica M-D (Type 262) Conversion Kit

By popular demand, we've created the latest must-have accessory for Leica shooters! Hot on the heels of yesterday's Leica M-D (Type 262) announcement we are now selling Pro-level Leica M-D (Type 262) Conversion Kits in our online store! They are high quality and will transform most digital Leica M cameras into the latest craze - "Das Wesentliche." These are sure to go fast, so please act fast.

Available in black-on-white (shown) to make a "bold" statement - or white-on-black for "stealth" applications and can be easily installed without tools! Transferable to other cameras.

We're offering this exclusive kit at a full 50% off list price of the Leica M-D (Type 262)... $2,995 USD!

Yes, this is meant to be in good humor. We love our Leica cameras, or this site wouldn't exist... ;)