New Walter Leica Roll Bar

Exclusive news from La Vida Leica! Walter Pretorius - the man behind the Walter Eyepiece, Walter M-Stedi, Walter M-Sleeve and Walter Nut Cracker has today unleashed his newest creation, the Walter Leica Roll Bar.

Designed to protect the camera, LCD and provide an all-round grip for left- and right-handed people. It is made from 4mm solid brass and aircraft grade aluminium. The roll bar is soldered together and there is neoprene on both sides of the bottom plate. It screws onto the camera bottom plate - and you can still take the bottom plate off of the camera with the roll bar attached. It fits all digital M cameras, save for the M (Type 240) - a special version will follow. The Leica Roll Bar bottom plate is wider than the camera bottem plate, which helps to stabilize the camera and keeps it from tipping over to the front with (some) heavier lenses. Different colors will be available and it is available for $145 USD (which includes shipping).

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