New Walter Leica Nut Cracker

Exclusive news from La Vida Leica! Walter Pretorius - the man behind the Walter Eyepiece, Walter M-Stedi and Walter M-Sleeve has today unleashed his newest creation, the Walter Nut Cracker. It is handmade from genuine rosewood and brass. The red dot is made from red ivory wood which is extremely scarce - in the old South Africa, only the King of the Zulus was allowed to utilize it. The wood is oiled with London oil and sealed with polyurethane, which is approved by the food authorities. Each piece will come in a handmade bag, have its own unique serial number (on the bottom) and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Walter himself... As it will be a limited run. The cost will be $160 USD (shipping included).

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Walter Leica with wood and brass camera