New Walter Contrast Lens

Exclusive news from La Vida Leica! Walter Pretorius - the man behind the Walter Eyepiece, Walter M-Stedi, Walter M-Sleeve, Walter Nut Cracker and the Walter Leica Roll Bar has today unleashed his newest creation - the Walter Contrast Lens!

Based on our original and highly-regarded Walter Eyepiece design, this amazing eyepiece has a special gold color multicoating, which intensifies the contrast and reduces glare, resulting in easier, faster focusing. We've also improved the dimensions to provide an improved view through the finder and make it fully compatible with half cases. It's also available in three variations - custom prescription lenses as always, plus regular diopter or plain lenses so now everyone can benefit from the contrast enhanced optics! Special launch price: $180.00 (includes postage by registered airmail)

  • Each lens is custom manufactured by hand
  • We utilize the best optics available
  • Constructed of machined solid brass
  • The black "Gun Kote" finish ensures durability
  • Multicoated optics reduce glare and improve clarity
  • Contrast-enhancing tint for improved focusing
  • Refined and improved dimensions all around
  • Larger curved optics for a clearer, wider view
  • Simply screws into any film or digital Leica M camera
  • Now available in prescription lenses (Walter Eyepiece), diopter lenses and plano (normal) lenses.

Update (8/4/14):

Funny how "exclusive news" means nothing when other websites shamelessly steal your thunder, reposting it without credit... Like Steve Huff and Petapixel. So if you're wondering... They all read it here first.

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