New Voigtländer 21mm f/1.8 Ultron

At Photokina 2012, Voigtländer has announced a new M lens - the 21mm f/1.8 Ultron. At a relatively steep price (for Voigtländer lenses) of $1,250 - it gives us a great option for a fast ultra wide lens. The specs are pretty interesting:

Focal length 21mm
Construction 13 elements in 11 groups
Aperture range f/1.8 - 22
Diaphragm 10 blades
Angle of view 91°
Focus range 0.5m - ∞
Length 78.4mm (with lens hood)
Diameter 69.0mm
Weight 412g
Filter size 58mm


Hi all I've taken a flyer on this and pre-ordered, anyone else done the same? Cheers Jason

I didn't pre-order, but walked into B&H in NYC and picked one up. Also replaced my plastic 21/25 finder with a metal one (big improvement). Will be reviewing it in depth here, but long and short of it - it's a fine lens.