New Leica Store in Jakarta Opens

Leica has opened its latest store in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is located in the Plaza Senayan Lantai 3 #324B (Jalan Asia Afrika No.8), Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 10270, Indonesia. Their phone number is +62 21 57906066. It is the 8th location in Asia after China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The article "Official Leica Store Opens in Jakarta" (in Indonesian) translated to English (via Google):

Leica finally opened the store in Jakarta. The legendary German camera manufacturer that occupies one of the outlets at Plaza Senayan. Leica Store became the 8th branch in Asia after China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

According to Managing Director of Leica Camera Asia Pacific Sunil Kaul, a city election Jakarta 8th due to the rapidly evolving photographic tradition in Indonesia.

"I must say the photography culture here is very good. In the Chinese tradition fotofgrafi interesting but here is very interesting, much more interesting," said Sunil when opening the Leica Store at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta (19/11).

As camera manufacturers with limited segmentation, Sunil does not target sales heroics. Unit price of the Leica camera is known super expensive.

Diplomatically, said Sunil photography experience than a mere business ambitions.

"If you think the market, we will make the camera easy to be accepted by society. But what we want is not just a tool, tools, the only tinkering with speed, aperture, or ISO. We present the photographic experience for its users. The target market is the number two, which is important experience, quality "he said.

Not surprisingly, the Leica Asia Pacific to be very careful to select a country for business expansion. Not enough business profit and loss but photography passion and taste to match.

"Looking for a partner to open the Leica Store is easy. But the problems of passion, taste and commitment to photography it is difficult," said the man was a fan of photography since I was young.

Later Leica Store in Jakarta is expected to be a reference to Leica enthusiasts. Some of the camera and lens products that are not available in the Indonesian market is available at this place.

Like the Leica M series Edition 60 is still very limited and difficult to obtain, but already perched on store shelves during the opening of the Leica Store.

In addition, fans can exhibit his work at the Leica Store. There is a fairly representative gallery space with a comfortable interior. "This is not a store. It's living room for lovers of photography. It is the philosophy of design in our place," added Sunil.