New Leica Products at Photokina 2014?

That time is upon us once again - the biennial Photokina 2014 show in Cologne, Germany. We've already posted about the official Leica schedule of events... Now it's time to enter the murky area of new products we might see (as we did in 2012). Below is what we're expecting based on the year's news so far, and we'll of course keep you updated on the very latest developments right here!

NOTE: This list will be constantly updated as we get new information and get closer to Photokina 2014!


Digital Cameras

  • Leica M Edition 60 - Leica M special edition, stainless steel, 600 pieces, with matching Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH ($22,000 USD) (confirmed!)
  • Leica S/S-E - Leica S (Type 007) CMOS, 4K w/GPS & WiFi (@ $$$!), S-E (Type 006), refreshed "entry level" ($20,000 USD) (confirmed!)
  • Leica X (Type 113)/X-E (Type 102) - Leica X2/X Vario (v1.1) updates, new X (Type 113) and X-E (Type 102) (confirmed!)
  • Leica D-LUX (Type 109) - Leica D-LUX 6 update, 12.8MP 4/3, 2.8MP OLED EVF, 4K, ISO 25K, NFC/WiFi, 24-75mm f/1.7-2.8 lens ($1,350 USD) (confirmed!)
  • Leica V-LUX (Type 114) - Leica V-LUX 4 update, 4K video! (confirmed!)

  • One and two - Leica M Monochrom update, CMOS sensor? (not coming)
  • Leica "M-S/M-E2" - Leica M-E update (not coming)

Film Cameras

  • Leica M-A (Type 127) - Leica MP replacement, no meter, brass, black/silver chrome ($5,150 USD) (confirmed!)



Update (8/21/14):

Just announced, ahead of Photokina - Leica Announces the New Leica M-P!

Update (9/4/14):

Added was the Zeiss Distagon 1,4/35 ZM, Leica D-LUX 7 and Leica M-A information.

Update (9/8/14):

We have essentially confirmed that the new Leica M-A will be announced - alongside a Leica M 60 Special Edition!

Update (9/10/14):

Updated (and new) info on the upcoming Leica Photo Cloud Service Website.

Update (9/12/14):

We have confirmed updates to both the Leica S and Leica X2/X Vario cameras and lots of other massive updates and pricing!

Update (9/15/14):

A few more details today and these are all confirmed now. Among this exclusive info by La Vida Leica... The refreshed Summarit line will now feature a silver anodized finish (not painted chrome as with M lenses) in addition to the normal black ones. There will be two new X cameras - the X (Type 113) in black/silver and X-E (Type 102). Additional Leica X and X-E accessories will include:

  • X Visoflex
  • X Visoflex case, country, canvas/leather, taupe
  • X Visoflex case, vintage, leather, brown
  • X Ever-ready case, country, canvas/leather, taupe
  • X Ever-ready case, vintage, leather, brown
  • X Ever-ready case, hand grip, country, canvas/leather, taupe
  • X Ever-ready case, hand grip, vintage, leather, brown
  • X Protector, country, canvas/leather, taupe
  • X Protector, vintage, leather, brown
  • X Carrying Strap, country, canvas/leather, taupe
  • X Carrying Strap, vintage, leather, brown
  • X Wrist Strap, country, canvas/leather, taupe
  • X Wrist Strap, vintage, leather, brown
  • X System Case, cotton/linen, grey
  • X-E Ever-ready Case
  • X-E Ever-ready Case, vegetable-tanned calf leather
  • X-E Protector, natural state
  • X-E Wrist Strap, calf leather, black
  • X-E Leather Case
  • X-E Leather Case, black

The new S cameras will be the Leica S (Type 007) and S-E (Type 006). The M 60 special edition will be called the "Leica M Edition 60" and the MSRP has been lowered. Finally, the Leica M-A (Type 127) will be available in a silver chrome as well as a black chrome finish! Other items will include the Leica Tripod C-170 (made of carbon fiber), video Tripod Heads VH1 and VH2, Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 42 (8x42 and 10x42). New system cases by Artist & Artisan (nylon/leather in black), Aneas (made in France) and Schedoni (camera and business). Also expect over half a dozen new boutiques. New Leica adapters; Leica T2 Adapter T and Leica T2 Adapter M. Oh, my.

Here's a picture of the new X cameras on Instagram! ;)

Update (9/16/14):

So, yeah... Everything we told you about above, including the regular availability of the Leica M-A (the news of which we broke and nobody believed) along with an endless list of details seen above... Was released today at Photokina 2014! Go us. :)