New Leica Products at Photokina 2012

Can't stand the anticipation of what Leica has in store for us at Photokina 2012 - or their own special event "Das Wesentliche" in Cologne the night before? We have it on good authority through a well-placed source (not a forum post) on what to expect. This is a La Vida Leica exclusive! The new products for the M system will include...

Let's start with a new M10 body and a Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH lens. Everyone naturally seems to be expecting the M10 and the Summilux was recently revealed through a firmware update which included the coding for it. Another common rumor was a redesigned Summicron-M 28mm f/2 ASPH. Turns out, this will remain a rumor - at least for now. Don't expect to see it at Photokina.

The M10 will have a CMOS sensor - and therefore live view with an EVF port. And... Video! We don't have the exact sensor resolution but we're counting on 24MP+ at least. The body will differ slightly from the M9. While it might be announced at Photokina, it won't be available until April. Now for something that will come as a relief to some... It will be priced less than the M Monochrom (which is currently $7,950 USD).

Pretty cool, right? Still want more? There will also be another body announced! The Leica ME!

It was hinted at by DSLR Magazine with more clues offered in interviews of Andreas Kaufmann by BJP and Stefan Daniels by Theme - but we can confirm it. This is NOT a rumor - and it's not what some of you are thinking. While we're trying to confirm exact details, here's what we know.

The "ME" name is subject to change. It is a real Leica, not a clone or a re-badge and will feature a regular VF (no EVF and not EVIL). So there it is - sorry EVIL fans. It will cost less than the M9. In fact, it's more like the M9 than it is different - it's a scaled back M9 (or M10 missing some features). M mount. It will likely have a full frame sensor. Available shortly after Photokina.

Two cameras, two price levels. Same system... M!

With an adapter you can shoot R lenses on the M10 since it has live view... It's looking good (though not confirmed yet) that Leica may be releasing this adapter as well, as we're hearing about it from multiple sources. This would be Leica making good on the "R solution" they promised several years ago...

Stay tuned for more details...


I had heard whispers for years about this camera, and it's good to hear that it may arrive. I think this may spell the deathknell of the X2, which I have heard is selling very poorly, which makes sense within the environment that it's competing. The issue for me will be how the ME defines itself. If it is a EVIL full frame option, and offers a good focus mechanism (unlikely a RF, to keep costs down, so how about focus peaking, with a good EVF refresh rate and minimal shot-to-shot lag), with reasonable high ISO performance, I think it may sell quite it will create its own environment. If it does all of this and offers a sensor without an AA filter, I would have to strongly consider this option over the XPro-1. I also suspect that this camera will offer the option of using R lenses through a electronically coupled adapter....

I wonder how does one "scale back" an M9? cheaper vf/rf? more plastic? oh well, 3 wks to go.

Pretty much everything except the Summilux (which will probably come later) was spot-on.