New Leica Mirrorless in April?

This should perhaps come as no surprise, as we earlier reported on a potential Leica T (Type 701) camera, as well as rumblings that Panasonic and Leica to Bolster Partnership. The previous rumor for PhotoPlus Expo was a bit of a disappointment as the end result was the New Leica D-Lux 6 Black/Silver Edition camera. However, we have it on good authority that something more substantial will be coming out, likely in the April 2014 timeframe (though potentially as late as Photokina in September) - and will be a Leica-Panasonic collaboration. Most likely an APS-C based X-style camera with interchangeable lenses. It will most certainly not be m4/3. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on developments!

Alfred Schopf, from a recent interview in the Australian magazine Camera seems to add a few tantalizing clues when asked about future Leica compact cameras:

We will have one, definitely. And it will, of course, be quite different to M system. We want to have autofocus with such a system and we may well have an APS-C sized sensor rather than a bigger one. It will be a German-built camera, however I'm not sure we can make all of the lenses in Germany because we are talking about a different price range to the M system, so I could imagine that we would do some fixed focal length lenses in Germany and maybe with the zooms we will co-operate with a partner.

Update (3/27/14):

We now have most details, specs and cost of the new camera ahead of its release April 24, 2014!