New Leica M Firmware Due Soon

The last firmware update for the Leica M (Type 240) was v2.0.0.12 released in December, 2013 and that was mostly an "internal" update, with no visible end-user changes. There's been talk for some time now that changes to the behavior of Auto-ISO were set to drop but we have yet to see that materialize. There are now some fresh rumblings of a firmware update coming, promising more "feature requests." The timing could be interesting with a Leica special event looming on April 24th... Perhaps May 24th (how apropos). What else might we expect?

Update (4/19/14):

We have some details on what will be the v2.0.0.14 firmware update (FW_M240_2_0_0_14.FW):

  • Added blue lines for focus peaking
  • Exposure compensation will work without pressing and holding down the Focus Assist button
  • Ability to set minimum and maximum ISO for Auto-ISO as well as minimum shutter speed
  • Other improvements

Update (4/22/14):

We're trying to confirm this, but it looks like "Other improvements" may just coincide with a new EVF (Electronic View Finder) which will see support on the M. This would be huge as the existing Leica EVF2 suffers from many shortcomings... Resolution, lag/jitter, etc. Many have held out hope that the Olympus VF-4 (the newer, better version of the Olympus VF-2 upon which the Leica EVF2 is based) would be supported... Which so far has proved elusive. This is probably why - it could be announced alongside the new Leica T in Berlin on April 24th. Quite likely the Leica Visoflex (Type 020) we saw registered around the same time as the T. The new EVF also has an extra feature... GPS!

Update (4/23/14):

Nope. Doesn't look like THIS new EVF will fit. Perhaps there's another in the wings. Here's to hoping, anyway.

Exclusive to the T system

Update (5/26/14):

The firmware is in final beta testing now and will be released any day... Stay tuned!

Update (6/4/14):

Still waiting for the beta test to finish and the firmware to be released. Since a few have asked, it seems very unlikely we'll ever see an EVF upgrade for the current M. The CPU (Maestro) just can't support better. Perhaps the next iteration of the M... A real shame that the Leica equivalent of the VF-4 (or similar) will never materialize. However, for only 2x the cost of the Leica EVF2 (@ $499 USD) you can buy a Fuji X-T1 which has the best EVF on the market... It comes with a free camera. ;)

Leica T Visoflex

Leica Visoflex

Another view of the Visoflex

The LCD in action