New Leica M-E Announced

The big surprise at Photokina 2012 wasn't the M, as everyone was kind of expecting it - but rather the M-E. We broke the news on this body back in August, you'll recall. It's perhaps the biggest surprise and the biggest "meh" in one, as Leica's answer to an "entry" (what the E stands for) M camera.

For all intents and purposes, the M-E is an M-9. The components, the body, battery, etc. are all the same. The only new aspects are the "Anthracite Grey" paint job and chrome controls. Perhaps to make it stand out a little from the previous models. Time will tell if other finishes or combos will be offered.

As for how Leica has made it budget-minded... The USB port and the frameline preview lever were removed. Yes, that's it. Arguably, a lot of people didn't use those features (we happen to use both). It costs $5,450 USD. While more affordable than the M9, we don't expect a stampede of new customers lured in by the price.

Finally, and perhaps the saddest news - is that in roughly two weeks time, the M9 and M9-P will cease to exist in Leica's line up according to Jesko von Oeynhausen.