More on Upcoming M10 and R Adapter?

We already know the M10 is coming (and what several of the features will be) which include live view. Several years ago, Leica promised us an "R solution" which unfortunately, has yet to materialize. We haven't been able to confirm this yet, but there's a very good chance that Leica will be announcing an R->M adapter at either Photokina 2012 or their special event, "Das Wesentliche" the night before. Now there's a little more of a tease...

In a post on the Leica Blog entitled "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold..." regarding the APO-Telyt-R 180mm f/3.4 lens, author/photographer Carl Merkin says in closing:

This fall at Photokina I hope to see a new Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens (EVIL) camera, and I look forward to using the 180 APO-Telyt (and many other Leica-M and R lenses) with it.

Granted, it might just be wishful thinking... But what's also intriguing is the timing of such a post on the blog - which up until now has had very little, if any, posts concerning the ill-fated R system. Taken together with what we already know and suspect... One could conclude that such an adapter would be a natural for Leica. Better they release it first and capitalize on it rather than all the third-parties out there. Then they could also say they fulfilled their promise...



That's my read on the blog post. They went several years without any mention of R in the blog, even skipping over sections where R equipment was used when they highlighted the l-camera-forum's first charity book, then this shortly before Photokina. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.

The R to M adapter has been available for many years. Like many slr lens adapters focusing has always been the limiting factor on the M. The live view will solve this but live view either from a rear lcd or a evf would not be an ideal solution for R lens use, many will be disappointed that an optical viewfinder is not available. I also remember Leica officially saying that the camera they are designing for the R lenses would not be ready for Photokina 2012.

True, there have been several adapters thus far. But none take into account electronic connections because M cameras thus far haven't offered any. Not saying that the M10 will, and of course this is just wild speculation.

Unless Leica changes their thinking 180 degrees I would think they will not mix M and R system. To put electronics in a new camera for a system of lenses they no longer produce would be adding complexity to a product that historically has been kept simple. Just speculating like everyone at this point in time. The rumors so far for the M10 sound very aggressive, we are talking Leica here, the M system. This system is barely state of the art for the 1980's ( M9) save for digital. The big reason many love the M is that it is state of the art 1980's, before cameras added much complexity. The rumors stating with certainty that the M10 will have live view, video and an evf sound more like Fuji or Sony and less like Leica. I see the advantages of these technologies but it is still un-Leica like. We will see in a few weeks what Leica will produce but I wouldn't be surprised to see the M10 kept traditional and a more aggressive technologically advanced body such as the ME (rumored here?) for those who want greater technology. Just my thoughts and guesses, as a devotee to Leica for many years.