Meyer-Optik-Görlitz Nocturnus III 50mm f0.95

Nocturnus III 50mm f0.95

Press Release

The third edition of the Meyer-Optik-Görlitz Nocturnus 50 mm f0.95, which is known for its exceptional light intensity comes in a new design and features now mounts for Sony-E, Fuji-X and Leica-M. The lens is currently available through a pre-sale campaign on the manufacturer’s website.

Koblenz, 3-28-2018

Meyer-Optik has just announced the launch of the Nocturnus III 50 f0.95. The super-fast manual-focus lens is optimized for use with full-frame sensors, but also works with APS-C cameras. The third edition comes in a new design and now features mounts for Sony-E, Fuji-X and Leica M. Within the next 14 days, the lens is offered in a pre-order sale, where it is available for less than 60% of its future MSRP.

Like its predecessor, the new Nocturnus comes with a focal length of 50 mm and an aperture range from f0.95 to f11. Thus, the lens features a lot of versatility both when shooting in available light conditions and in terms of depth-of-field. Its 15 aperture blades with anti-reflective coating, make the new Nocturnus III 50 f0.95 a unique tool to create a pleasant bokeh with circular highlights whilst creating great sharpness in the focused areas.

The new Nocturnus has a minimum focus distance of 50 cm and weighs 790 grams.

The new mechanical design of the Nocturnus III makes this lens also an interesting option for videography: Manual focus control and the step less aperture ring operate almost silently.

Technical Specifications:

  • Focal length: 50 mm
  • Aperture: f0.95-11
  • Angle of view: 23°
  • Minimum focusing distance: 50 cm
  • Filter diameter: 67 mm
  • Optical design: 10 elements in 7 groups
  • Aperture blades: 15, steel, special anti-reflex coating
  • Weight: 790 g
  • Color: Black or Silver

Follow this link to see Meyer-Optik’s pre-sale campaign:

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Product Information

Meyer-Optik-Görlitz: Again in the leading position for available light photography

Already in the 1920s, Meyer brought lenses to market which were the fastest lenses of their time: the Kinoplasmat 75/f1. 5. Later the Primoplan 1.9/58 was to become the fastest standard lens for the famous Exakta camera, which was sold in the USA as "Kine night Exakta". At this time Meyer-Optik Görlitz was considered as the most prominent manufacturer of available light lenses, so called “giants of light” and in 2016 the company presented the Nocturnus 0.95/50 mm for the first time. Ever sinvce there hs been continuous work and improvement performed on this lens. The next step major step is now being taken with the Nocturnus 0.95/50 III: a once more improved lens with totally new mechanical parts but in the same design as before. Now also available with Leica M and Fuji X mounts.

Main Features

1. The Nocturnus provides unsurpassed pictures - finally for Leica M 0.95/50 mm and Fuji X photographer

Nocturnus 0.95/50 guarantees excellent performance with fully opened aperture for the Leica M, Sony E III and Fuji X photographer. The performance in the limits of the image are extraordinary. With the initial wide open aperture of f 0,95, and its 15 aperture blades made out of steel including a sophisticated anti reflex coating, the Nocturnus generates an image quality and feel that can hardly be obtained by the use of any other lens 50 mm

While the earlier Nocturnus lenses were only available with Sony E mount, the new Nocturnus 0,95/50 III will now also provide a choice of Leica M and Fuji X mounts. "So many Leica M and Fuji X got in touch with us almost daily or have written to us that we could not resis”, says Dr. Stefan Immes, CEO of Meyer.

2. 15 Aperture Bades: A New World Record in Available Light Photography

15 aperture blades along with a maximum aperture of 0.95 is only available in the portfolio of Meyer-Optik Görlitz. This combination allows photographers who are using Leica M, Sony E or Fuji X to make use of the outstanding creative opportunities by the conscious use of depth of field, sharpness and bokeh. The 15 blades aperture was designed by Dr. Prenzel from Goerlitz and the mechanical components of the aperture are built by Otto Niemann precision mechanics from Berlin. Otto Niemann has been one of the specialists in the production of iris diaphragms since 1945. Of course, the aperture of the Nocturnus 0.95/50 III is adjustable to infinity. The mechanical quality is outstanding and is ensured by the cooperation with the best suppliers from Germany, to comply with tight tolerances in the production. Only high quality aluminum components are used. This guarantees precise movements of the parts and a long life cycle of the product. The Nocturnus 0.95 / 50mm is a tool, that the photographer can rely on all his life.

3. Handmade Masterpieces

The Nocturnus 0.95/50 III is a handmade masterpiece. Trained expert staff and state of the art technology make each Meyer-Optik Görlitz lens a masterpiece in itself. Meyer-Optik Görlitz employs a selected staff who put in all their experience and pride to produce a perfect Meyer-Optik Görlitz Nocturnus 0.95/50 III. The company offers guided tours in its production facilities in Hamburg, Germany, to give customers an insight into the high production standards.

4. Something Very Special: The 0,95er photography

At f 0,95 unique images with their very own stylistic characteristics are created. The Nocturnus 0.95/50 III even surpasses the perception of the human eye. Its very small maximum possible depth of field at full aperture generates unique portraits and snapshots even under difficult conditions. These characteristics lead to a unique visual language. Even under the most unfavorable lighting conditions the photographer is able to take shots without any additional tools. Each shot is of unique sharpness and Bokeh characteristic.

5. Technical Specification

  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture range: f0.95 - f11
  • Mounts: Fuji X, Sony E, Leica M
  • Angle of view: 45°
  • Minimum Focal Distance: 0,5m
  • Filter Thread: 67mm
  • Elements/Glasses: 10 Elements in 7 Groups
  • Aperture Blades: 15, with special anti-reflex coating
  • Weight: ~ 840g