Lucky Film Friday!

We haven't had a good film post in a while, so why not have a Film Friday! If you haven't seen our articles yet, give them a look - Using Filters in B&W Photography, Choosing a B&W Film Developer and Quick Guide to Developing Film at Home. Great introductions to the process. If you're an Ilford shooter, check out their excellent Processing Your First Black & White Film (PDF) publication. Last but not least, La Vida Leica reader and Exposure photographer Ray Larose has written up a great article on Buying Vintage Leica Film Cameras that's been really popular the last week. Happy Film Friday - and GOOD LUCK today!

Posted today was an interview with ADOX' Mirko Böddecker on Japan Camera Hunter - we posted another back in February as well.

Finally, Film's Not Dead is giving away some "lucky charms" today on their Facebook page

Long live film!

"Long Live Film" - Trailer