Leitz Park Update (July 2013)

In the article, "11 000-square-meter campus refines the Leitz Park" we can get a good sense of what's going on over at Leitz Park - which is currently undergoing heavy construction. While the photos are a bit light (one of two shown above), the other reveals the above/below-ground café, already excavated, on what looks to be a nice, modern campus.

A rather sketchy English translation by Google:

Wetzlar. Anyone who believes that the Leitz Park is merely the simple location of three companies, which is taught with an eye on the site and on current computer images of a better. A public, tipped with bright granite slabs, 11 000 square meters large space, designed with a café, fountain and greenery, provides campus atmosphere.

Currently leveling heavy construction equipment, the area from August to start the installation work. "The place," said Wolfgang Kisselbach, CEO of competent Leitz-Park GmbH, "not only caps the new management of Leica Camera AG, together with production buildings, but also refines the previously rather simply acting building the company VIAOPTIC and Uwe Weller precision engineering."

The area on the former training area on the road from Wetzlar to casting is recognizable as belonging together ensemble. It also represents a visually attractive entrance to the city

Important part of the square is a café, whose basement is already excavated. It is 200 square meters and has an elevator. The roof extends beyond the walls so that you can sit outside in the shade.

The architecture takes on the convex-concave facade of the main building. Also underlining the planners their claim that the exceptional quality of the Leica products is reflected in the design of the Leitz Park.

"The thick granite slabs," said Engert, "also allow driving with trucks For example, are supplied heavy equipment for events.

More traffic exacerbates the risk of tailbacks on the A45 significantly

Also in the future headquarters of Leica management of construction progress is obvious. No wonder, in January, the employee will move from its current location in Wetzlar to Solms.

On the bottoms of future offices are styrofoam plates, plastic tubes snaking out to.

They are just like the concrete core part of a sophisticated, state of the art heating and cooling system that will provide with the help of geothermal and cogeneration units for pleasant climate all year round.

Walking through the huge building can even understand the basis of countless harnesses, shafts, ducts and units, how extensive is the technique that is used in the installation of the layman.

You can also get an idea of ​​the size of the future production site. Huge windows allow future visitors to witness the emergence of new Leica.

"Especially in the Asian region," said Engert, "there are a lot of inquiries in this respect, Leica enthusiasts."

For visitors from around the world - more than 50, 000 are expected per year - the company has a lot to offer with the red dot. This applies to the court, but also for the administrative building. There is a vast foyer, galleries and more than 400 square meter Leica Store.

Also on the roof of the building Leica customers may increase. From here you have a stunning view - after casting, to Wetzlar and thus the birthplace of Leica, out into the Lahn and the Dilltal, up to the windmills Hohenahr and into the adjacent woods. And equipped with appropriate optical device can exacerbate these impressions from there.

The new Leica below nearing completion. For project developers Kisselbach a feeling of relaxation could slowly adjust - if it was not for the transport links.

Already there come morning, solely by the employees of the neighboring people Mittelhessen, at the motorway exit Wetzlar-South to dangerous congestion to back on the A45, due to the traffic light at the entrance to the road to Wetzlar.

Also, the intersection of the Frankfurt street is then overloaded, especially at peak times turning left have bad cards.

The traffic load will increase substantially if the Leica 650 employees, suppliers and visitors added and if the proposed school center in the adjacent business park Spilburg is completed.

You should have the policy, particularly the country linghausen the entire area around BUEB ᠆ and take motorway into view and develop a concept that will be the future transport needs.