Leica's "Most Boring Ad" Goes Viral

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've surely heard that Leica announced the new T camera recently. One video in particular that snuck into the media frenzy surrounding its release was one entitled, "The Most Boring Ad Ever Made?" It's actually a full 45 minutes long, showing the hand-polishing of raw Leica T camera bodies... Turns out this ad might just have been genius rather than boring because it's gone viral. One look on Google, Twitter, Facebook, or blogs and elsewhere (including down below) - and you will see just how much it has been shared across the Internet! In fact, as of right now, the YouTube video has had over 24k views and the Vimeo version 196k... And counting. Even BBC News Magazine is in on the action.

Is this the most boring ad ever made? Not if you appreciate obsessive craftsmanship. Leica Camera spends 45 minutes polishing the new Leica T by hand. Watch for yourself and decide. Boring or not?

The Most Boring Ad Ever Made?