Leica Store Zurich to Open

Over on fotointern.ch they're giving us news that as of January 23, 2014, Leica will open their first store in Switzerland (in German). It will be located at Kuttelgasse 4, between the Bahnhofstrasse and Rennweg - close to the main business of FotoPro Ganz in Zurich. Iro Crivelli (pictured above) is the Director of the Leica Store Switzerland.

The exact location of the new Leica Store Switzerland:

Translation into English (via Google):

Full FotoPro opened on 23 In January 2014 the first Leica Store Switzerland. In it the entire Leica Photo and Binoculars range of products is offered specialists with expert advice. The selection includes, in addition to compact cameras, the models of the X-, M-and S-series with all interchangeable lenses and accessories.

After some Leica stores already operate successfully in Asia, America and Europe, the first and only Leica Store in Switzerland is now in Zurich on 23 January 2014 at the Kuttelgasse 4, between the Bahnhofstrasse and Rennweg close to the main business of FotoPro Ganz, opened.

The new advisory and sales premises are led by longtime Leica specialist Ivo Crivelli as Managing Director, assisted by his experienced Leica team. As in other Leica Stores and the Leica Store Switzerland has the entire product range of Leica Camera systems, from noble compact models of the C-, D-and V-series about the exclusive M-models to the professional medium format cameras Leica S. In addition to this , and as a traditional supply area of ​​FotoPro Ganz, find the prospective special bargain in the used camera range. The Leica Store Switzerland constantly maintains a large selection of second-hand mobile, interchangeable lenses and accessories, both for analog and digital photography. All the used devices in the Leica Store Switzerland are reviewed by experts in their functional status and, if necessary, been revised under the strict guidelines of the Leica factory. Accordingly, it is given in cases where the used cameras and objective in Leica Store Switzerland a customary warranty.

In the area of ​​long-distance and sport optics offers the Leica Store Switzerland the full Leica range of Leica rangefinders "Rangemaster", as well as binoculars the Douvid, Geovid and Trinovid series, which will be especially appreciated by wildlife watchers, hunters, bird watchers and nature lovers . These binoculars series are complemented by the Ultravid or Monovid pocket binoculars, the ideal and powerful companion for light hiking and visiting the event are. Also, special equipment, such as the various Leica spotting scopes for demanding monitoring tasks are with in the range. As in photography expert advice is also in the area of ​​monitoring devices important to let the customer choose the best individual device and it can use virtually with highest satisfaction for decades.

The daily updated website www.leica-store.ch not only gives a complete overview of all in stock at the Leica Store Switzerland Leica products but the site will also inform you with the highest priority on innovations from Leica as well as the current used equipment. In addition, the site is designed as a web store and allows round-the-clock direct reservation and order a specific product. Course is also available when purchasing through the website, the competent advisory service of the Leica Store Switzerland at the disposal of the customers, whether in person at the collection of the product or by calling the Hotline with appropriate appointment.

The Leica Store Switzerland "powered by FotoPro Full "is just a few steps from the famous headquarters of FotoPro At the very Rennweg 26 located in Zurich. Where customers continue to find the Leica core range with correspondingly qualified and specially trained personnel, in addition to the comprehensive range of products from other top brands.

FotoPro whole is breaking new ground with the advice and the sale of premium products in the Leica brand. With the first and only Leica Store Switzerland, a meeting place for the Leica expertise in the heart of Zurich is to be created, in which the advice and the best possible availability of all authorized Leica products is paramount. Two well-known names are just for Leica and FotoPro Ganz.


Leica Store Switzerland
Kuttelgasse 4
CH-8001 Zurich
Tel: 043 497 24 09
fotopro [at] leica-store.ch