Leica Store KaDeWe to Open

Meister Camera which has locations in Berlin and Hamburg currently - is set to open a store in a location that perhaps needs no introduction - the huge "KaDeWe" (Kaufhaus Des Westens) in Berlin. With over 60,000 square meters of selling space and more than 380,000 articles available, it is the largest department store in Continental Europe. It was even made "more famous" on David Bowie's latest album (The Next Day) in the song "Where Are We Now?" (see below). The store will be located on the 5th floor in the "Digital Lifestyle" area. We've dealt a lot with Herr Ulrich Meyer from Meister Camera Hamburg and cannot recommend them enough!


A picture of the immense, eight story KaDeWe shopping center (courtesy of Wikipedia):

David Bowie Music Video

Just for fun. :) From David Bowie's latest album The Next Day in "Where Are We Now?"

...Sitting in the Dschungel,
On Nürnberger Strasse.
A man lost in time,
Near KaDeWe...

David Bowie - Where Are We Now?