Leica at Schloss Bensberg Classics 2013

Leica Camera AG has collaborated with Schloss Bensberg Classics before in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 - and now once again - in 2013. This year marks their fifth (English) such partnership!

Solms (ots) - Leica Camera AG continues its successful collaboration with the Schloss Bensberg Classics continued in 2013. For the fifth time the traditional manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products from the Hessian Solms support this classic car event the premium class, which was lifted by Leica from the baptism 2009.

Against the imposing backdrop of the Grand Hotel Schloss Bensberg in Bergisch Gladbach place from 06 to 08 September 2013 the competitions of fine classic cars held before a "Rallye Historique" for vehicles up to 1979, which crosses the through the countryside, even in the "Concours d'Elegance", in which are about 40 cars rated in 16 categories . Leica again donated a personalized trophy for the winning car in the category "Best Unrestored Condition".

Also in this year, which specializes in automotive photographer René Staud Photography will put the Leica S system participating in the Concours vintage jewelry site individually scene. To a mobile studio will be installed for Staud and his team specifically for the event. The classic portraits are presented on Sunday from 10 clock in their own exhibition in the ballroom of the Grand Hotel Schloss Bensberg and passed to the Concours entrants with.

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Board of Leica Camera AG: "Historic vehicles offer many car enthusiasts a unique fascination and are characterized by precise craftsmanship and aesthetic perfection in detail These are properties and values ​​for the Leica brand for almost 100 years. stands. extent, it is only logical to photograph classic cars with such a long tradition as Leica products manufacturer, which has manufacturing, technical perfection and outstanding, timeless design written on the flags. "

Leica Camera AG supports more events like this to convey the joy of high-quality Leica products for classic car collectors and friends. Many cameras of the brand itself become coveted collectors' items due to a special design, a special limited edition or because of their particular historical context.

The Schloss Bensberg Classics (short: SBC) will take place from 06 to 08 September. Guests and participants will have the opportunity to inform the Schlosshotel Bensberg about the latest Leica products every day.