Leica Releases Firmware v2.0.0.12 for M

Leica has released a mostly "internal" firmware update for the M (Type 240) of v2.0.0.12 (full links below) - however, there's little reason to upgrade if you already have version v2.0.0.11. They explain:

Firmware Update M (Type 240) v2.0.0.12
Instruction Firmware Update M (Type 240) (PDF)
Improvements Firmware M (Type 240) (PDF)

The list of changes in firmware v2.0.0.12 (over the previous v2.0.0.11) are:

All new cameras being produced now have a new firmware version installed. An update for already delivered cameras with version is not necessary, as the changes implemented only apply to the internal production processes.

On the application level, no difference between and can be recognized. Nevertheless, we provide version through our website, because every camera is compatible with version

We do not recommend to “downgrade” from to, because unexpected behavior could occur.