Leica @ Photokina 2016

You may have noticed it's been a quiet summer in the Leicasphere... Indeed, it has been. The buzz coming up on Photokina 2016 (September 20-25th) has likewise been essentially non-existent. We know there are some things on tap, including at least two new cameras and quite possibly a lens...

The Leica T (Type 701) has been discontinued (which we predicted, albeit a year early) and suggestions are that a new "Leica TL" will take its place. Likewise, we also believe that there's still life in the future of the M tidbits we received early last year. There have been some rumblings of a CCD camera (not likely) as well as a higher resolution M (possible). We also mentioned a while back that a Leica Q (Type 116) with interchangeable lenses could happen but only if there was demand. We haven't even seen a second, fixed focal length appear (as was also indicated) so we don't think an interchangeable lens version is happening either. All very odd, as this is the tenth anniversary of the digital M camera - the M8 being released at Photokina 2016.

We suspect that Fujifilm has been sticking it to Leica over the past year especially, and when it comes to brand excitement, it's no contest. Has Leica peaked? There is an amazing amount of used gear in the channels these days... We have to wonder. Leica hasn't reached out to us to review anything (not that they've ever done anything to help us anyway).

In any event, we'll keep you posted as soon as we get details! For now, here's the official party line:

Leica at photokina 2016

The focus of the Leica presence this year at photokina 2016 in Cologne will be on professional photography and the needs of professional users – and on the unique exhibition of photography in Hall 1 that Leica will be presenting as ‘Official Photography Partner of photokina 2016’.

On the completely redesigned stand in Hall 2.1, professional users and visitors to the show will be able to find information and comprehensive advice on the broad spectrum of professional tools and services available for all photographic applications and scenarios. In addition to the Leica S medium format system, the focus here will also be set on the mirrorless Leica SL-System, the legendary Leica M rangefinder system and Leica’s world-renowned precision lenses ‘made in Germany’. The presence at the show will be dedicated to the presentation of professional product solutions and the latest technological developments, and will also be showcasing the multiple award winning, premium Cine lenses manufactured by CW Sonderoptic and the wide range of professional photographic products from Sinar Photography.

As ‘Official Photography Partner of photokina 2016’, Leica Camera AG will also be staging the impressive ‘Masters of Photography’ exhibition in the almost 2,000 square metres of the Leica Gallery in Hall 1. The exhibition will be showing 15 series of photos with a total of around 400 pictures by the following acclaimed Leica S, SL, and M photographers: Alex Webb, Ara Güler, Bruce Gilden, Ellen von Unwerth, York Hovest, Jacob de Boer, Per-Anders Pettersson, Patrick Zachmann, Jens Umbach, Roger Ballen, Helge Kirchberger, Christian Steinwender, Fred Mortagne, Kurt Hutton and the two winners of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2015, JH Engström and Wiktoria Wojciechowska. In a separate exhibition area, Leica Camera AG will be presenting the exhibition with the title ‘Upcoming Masters’ – a joint venture organised in collaboration with the ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie’ (DGPh – the German Photographic Society) and the Photoindustrie-Verband (PIV – The Imaging Association), which will be showing a total of 80 works by promising newcomers from ten selected international universities and academies.

The Leica Gallery in Hall 1 will be open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on every day of photokina 2016. The event calendar for photokina 2016 will feature an entertainingly diverse stage programme with interviews and personal lectures by the photographers whose works are exhibited in the Leica Gallery.

‘With this year’s concept, we consciously underline our competence and positioning as a leading and innovative provider of professional camera products and services. It is also our wish to share our commitment to the unique and fascinating photographic culture for which the company and the Leica brand have stood since its beginnings with the numerous photography enthusiasts visiting photokina 2016’, says Oliver Kaltner, CEO of Leica Camera AG.

Update (09/20/16):

All quiet on the western front, so far... [insert sound of crickets]

Update (09/21/16):

...and that's a wrap! Thanks for joining us...

Seriously though, the two new cameras are the Sofort instant camera and the M-P (Type 240) Titanium Set and the lens the Summilux-SL 50mm f/1.4 ASPH (for a whopping $5,295 USD). That's all for this Photokina... See you in two years!