Leica M4 - The "Think" Camera

Here's an old ad for the Leica M4 (of which 58,000 were produced, from 1967 to 1974), calling it the "Think" Camera and goes on to brag about its lack of technology. Sort of sounds like recent Nikon Df ads, no? Compare that with today's ads that are the exact opposite! In a lot of ways, perhaps to the chagrin of some - they've continued this practice with today's digital M cameras. For the rest of us, this is the very reason we love our M cameras. You can see this and other M4 ads over on Leica Diaries.

This "pro" doesn't boast electronic circuitry. It doesn't have photocells to select the area of interest. No little indicators to tell you there's not enough light. The Leica M4 is strictly for those of you who prefer to do your own thinking, your own creating. And as long as creativity can't be computerized, we will continue to make it.

In the hands of the discriminating photographer, the M4 is a sophisticated “tool” of endless versatility and speed. A camera so flexible and so fast that its only limitation is the scope of your imagination and the condition of your reflexes. And with each smooth release of its precision shutter, you are reminded of the M4's heritage of over five generations of Leitz excellence in optics and instrumentation.

Try the M4 for "feel" at your franchised Leica dealer.