Leica M Video - A Forlorn Feature?

One of the big ticket items as far as features went, when Leica introduced the Leica M (Type 240) camera back in 2012 - was the all-new CMOS sensor, which among other things - allowed for shooting video with the new camera. Why not? Most cameras these days allow for shooting video, even if it's a pitiful afterthought or a freebie.

The Leica M has so-so specs as far as video goes; 1080p quality at 24/25fps. It starts to fall apart from there, however - managing only 640x480 (VGA) quality at 30fps. Between that and the cost of the camera and lenses, it's clear it would never compete with the likes of a Canon 5D in this regard.

On the plus side, the Leica M offers full manual control of exposure via aperture, ISO, etc. and focus. You can even plug in an external microphone. Nevertheless, no one will buy a Leica M to do professional video... It's a great feature for those of us who occasionally have a need though, and the quality is actually rather nice, especially taking into account the lenses available.

Turns out, it's not a popular feature with owners of the camera in general. In an informal poll, we've discovered that a full 80% of users don't use the feature at all, while 17% occasionally do. Only 3% actually used the camera more than occasionally for video. Not entirely unexpected results, nor is this a knock of the camera... Just an interesting statistic.

Do you shoot video on your Leica M?

Update (02/11/14):

Voters have spoken - and the stats have changed, albeit slightly. As it stands today (with almost double the original sample size) a full 78% of people still don't use their M for video, even sometimes. Those using it sometimes remains unchanged at 17% - with the biggest change occurring with those that do use their M for video more than occasionally... At 5%. No matter how you look at it, the M is just not a big hit for shooting video (not that we expected it to be).