Leica M Sensor a "Game Changer"

Chipworks, In a series of articles suggests in the last part that the new Leica MAX 24MP CMOS sensor in the upcoming M to be a game changer.

Image Sensors World called it "the most advanced process node among the full frame sensors vendors."

Recent Nikon and Canon FF cameras were discussed in Parts I and II. The FF CIS competitive landscape looks to be heating up a bit outside of Japan with the announcement of CMOSIS providing the MAX 24 Mp CIS for Leica’s “M” CMOS rangefinder [1, 2]. Chipworks has previously analyzed CMOSIS pixels fabricated by TowerJazz in a 0.18 µm process generation, but the Leica FF CIS will be fabricated by CMOSIS’ foundry partner STMicroelectronics [3].

STMicroelectronics’ IMG175 300 mm Cu process, developed for 1.75 µm mobile CIS, will be adapted to 6 µm pixels and use 0.11 µm design rules for the front end of line (FEOL) processing and 90 nm design rules for the BEOL. While Leica has nowhere near the market share of Japanese FF camera companies, the transition to sub 0.18 µm device production is an event that could possibly alter the product roadmaps and strategies of several companies.


That is not what the article says nor even what is quoted above says. I know this is the pet phrase of the LUF. Technologies change that does not mean a "game changer" Game changing implies revolution, this is evolution, there is a difference.

The last line says "...an event that could possibly alter the product roadmaps and strategies of several companies." That is, essentially - a game changer.

I am certain that the big boys will not change their play book based on this development. That would be a "Game Changer" if they did. Can you imagine Nikon or Canon changing their chip design so you can use older lenses on the current bodies? Of course not!