Leica - Lifestyle Brand and Fashionista?

As the fall fashion season ramps up, for the third time now - Leica was referenced by an online fashion magazine and a fourth time, mentioned in the context of fashion. Photographers are shooting footwear with thelr Leicas via BallerStatus, a San Francisco satellite of Racked reports on the new Leica Store San Francisco, Harper's BAZAAR talks about Lenny Kravitz and his Monochrom and now - The Nation writes of Leica as a lifestyle brand. In the very last sentence is an interesting snippet...

...lifestyle brands such as Tumi, Rimowa and "Leica" all launch new items to celebrate the new season.

Two things caught our eye in this last article. First, the fact that more and more, people are calling Leica a "lifestyle brand" (somewhat different from the usual "luxury brand" connotation) - and second, is Leica really going to launch additional fashion-related items? They already sell T-shirts, caps and wristbands, money clips and umbrellas. Might we see more along those lines in the near future? Probably not (but anything's possible these days).

Going by the photo above however, it would appear that Leica cameras themselves are the haute couture! Of course, this is nothing new as our gallery of 150+ celebrities with their Leicas will attest. Have some cappuccino while you ponder...

Leica cappuccino

Some might dismiss this as a passing fad, but consider one of Leica's steady, mainstream cameras which was announced in June of 2013. The Leica D-LUX 6 Edition by G-Star RAW. If you're not familiar with G-Star RAW, that's okay. Founded in 1989, they're a player in the "denim fashion" industry. Which explains the look of the camera:

Leica D-LUX 6 Edition by G-Star RAW

BTW, ur doin it wrong. :D

Leica M8 White Edition