Leica Issues Update on M9/SDHC Card Compatibility

Back on August 5th, we posted the story of Leica issuing a statement on M9/SDHC card compatibility. On August 26th, Leica has updated the statement with the following:

A specially set up team at Leica Camera AG has been working in close collaboration with SD memory card manufacturers on an intensive investigation of possible causes for the phenomenon reported by Leica M9 users. As no clear pattern has so far emerged on the basis of the error reports at our disposal, this investigation is proving to be extremely laborious. In the meantime, we have been able to narrow down the number of possible causes of the error. Nevertheless, we must unfortunately call your attention to the possibility of errors still occurring with newer SD cards and that such errors are not limited to particular brands or types of card. Leica Camera is now working towards earliest possible validation of remedial measures that will lead to an improvement of compatibility. We will report as soon as possible when reliable information on the schedule for the implementation of such measures is available. We would like to thank the numerous customers who provided information about their camera systems and helped us in our search for a solution to the problem.