Leica Inaugurates Portugal Factory

The President of the Republic, Cavaco Silva, was at the inauguration of the new Leica factory in Portugal - in Lousado parish, municipality of Barcelos. He was accompanied by the management from Germany and Portugal, the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, Paulo Portas, and the Mayor of Vila Verde, Armindo Costa. More details in President of the Republic Inaugurated New Leica Facilities in Famalicão (translated into English via Google).

The new Leica factory is the result of a 22.5 million Euro investment and will replace the old plant. It will support 720 employees, and covers an area of ​​52,000 m² - of which 13,600 m² are for the production side.

Solms (ots) - Leica Camera AG has today celebrated the official opening of its plant in Portugal. The newly constructed office building of Leica Aparelhos Opticos de Precisão SA is still in Vila Nova de Famalicão near the former site. With a site area of ​​approximately 52,000 m2, the new Leica work on an enlarged by about 30 percent location. Advanced production facilities and modern, highly efficient production methods provide additional ways of increasing capacity. The investment volume for the new building at the site is approximately EUR 23 million. The relocation of all areas in the new production and administration building is almost complete.

Opening welcomed Dr. Carlos Mira and Pedro Oliveira, CEO of Leica Aparelhos Opticos de Precisão SA, the Portuguese President Aníbal António Cavaco Silva, Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, the Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG and Leica CEO Markus Limberger as COO the two production plants in Solms and Famalicão responsible.

"We are proud that the company Leica so has great confidence in the competence of the Portuguese people, "Portuguese president Aníbal António Cavaco Silva said in his opening speech.

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann began by thanking all those involved in construction and then emphasized the long tradition that combines Leica with the location of Vila Nova de Famalicão. "Many families in the region have found over generations a professional home at Leica With its precision mechanical know-how our Portuguese colleagues have contributed significantly to the success story of Leica Camera. Construction of the new plant near the old site is a visible sign that Leica has also found a home here and is involved in the future for the people of this region. "

Even Leica CEO Markus Limberger emphasized in view of four decades of cooperation, the close ties of the works in Solms and Vila Nova de Famalicão and the importance of investing in the location for the future: "The new, ultra-modern plant is next to our main factory in Solms from 2014 in Wetzlar play a crucial and equal role for the company's success in the coming decades and the region will bring economic stability and continuity in the long term. "

The Leica Aparelhos Opticos Precisão de Portugal SA was founded in 1973. For the production of Leica products has modern factory with its qualified employees in the same strategic importance for the company Leica as the manufacturing facility in Solms. While maintaining uncompromising high quality standards and careful manufacturing arise there alongside various Leica sports optics products including the Compact Binoculars and parts and assemblies for the current Leica lenses and system cameras.