Leica Gallery Frankfurt Looks to Expand

Foto Rahn, a.k.a. Leica Gallery Frankfurt has its eyes on opening a second location (in German) which would also be located in Frankfurt. The location (pictured above) at Berliner Straße 74 is the former site of the Monza-Club, a disco - which has been closed since April. The successor, Club B74, held its last party on Saturday and now talks are set to begin for acquiring the space. While it will require a complete makeover, it will offer a much larger space for art to be displayed.

Translation to English (via Google):

Recently, the last party in Monza Club was celebrated, now becomes clear: Photo Rahn wants there to create a second store - with more space for the art and the exhibits of the Leica specialists.

If Qaiser Malik talks about Leica cameras, it seems as if he could tell on each piece in the three showcases his shop a story. Since the whole history of the company founded in Wetzlar company and thus a large piece of photographic history lies in individual objects: cameras and its components, lenses and other accessories, such as a mouth-timer. Even a replica of the Ur-Leica is on display in this small museum of photo Rahn.

"We have almost everything there, which Leica has produced," says Managing Director Qaiser Malik. "But the place is not enough to show it." The historical Leica pieces are only part of the store concept. In addition to analog and digital cameras also illustrated books for sale. In addition the business is also a gallery for temporary exhibitions of photographs. The company considers itself "in the service of art," as it says on its website. "We build bridges between the manufacturer of cameras, photography and literature," says Malik. "We contribute to the culture."

But also exhibit the images are lacking space. Therefore Malik plans to open a second Leica store in the estate of the former Monza clubs in the Berliner Straße 74 Currently, about being "in talks". Should it work, could pass to the opening for some time. As the building is set up for a disco, a complete conversion was necessary. Other properties have not in view, since hardly anything is suitable.

The Monza is closed since April, on Saturday was the last party held in succession Club B74. There were exhibitions in the past few weeks over and over again to see Monza-maker Klaus Unkelbach had its Location widely Hannibal Tarzan Daldaban rented, the invited emerging artists every week to show their works in the room. Access to the old club rooms he had difficult with boards, was celebrated and discussed in the foyer. Recalling a lecture on bomber jackets that Finnisage and an exhibition of Marek Kochanowcz in which the HfG student recalled the defunct Club Nusoul, some of the furniture had found their way into the twisted paths Monza remain. This in turn called the ARD on the plan that the creator of this furniture, Städel Professor Tobias Rehberger sent to the old Monza to look with him the remains of his art. On Thursday afternoon, the interior ended up in the garbage, the club has to be dismantled to make way for what is to come - for a true traditional business.

Since 1910, there is the store at Salt House in downtown Frankfurt. At first he was a drug store, later it developed into a photo shop, initially selling all kinds of camera brands and accessories. Over time, the shop specializes in the Leica brand, no other brand is sold here. With the launch of the Leica I in 1925, the company Wetzlar established the small-format photography. Until then making images still an expensive undertaking with large, bulky equipment was. Since 2004 Rahn is a photo gallery. According to Malik 200 Leica stores are built on the model of photo Rahn world.