Leica Extends and Expands Discounts

You may have heard of the recent price increase on M system and accessories set to drop at the end of January - effectively putting an end to the currently running $750 discount on Leica M and $250 on M lenses. Leica has extended this discount until March 31, 2015, which only makes sense as that's how long the You and Leica M test drive runs, which was renewed for this year.

Leica is now also offering the $750 discount towards the purchase of a new Leica M Monochrom (in silver or black) - this offer is only valid in the U.S. and Canada, however. What this means is that, like we've said earlier - there's no new M Monochrom model coming just yet (as some sites might have you believe). It's very likely that Leica is clearing their inventory, however... It was supposed to be announced at Photokina, so way late.