Leica to Change M Camera Leatherette

Leica Camera will be changing the Leica M camera leatherette cladding for several M cameras. The following M cameras will now have a leatherette cladding as opposed to the previous vulcanite cladding (as per the memo below to Leica dealers):

  • 10703 Leica M9-P, black paint finish
  • 10704 Leica M9, black paint finish
  • 10716 Leica M9-P, silver chrome finish
  • 10360 Leica MP a la carte (if the option “Vulcanite” is selected)
  • 10560 Leica M7 a la carte (if the option “Vulcanite” is selected)

Leica is making this change as the “Vulcanite” material is no longer available. After extensive quality control tests, Leica has selected this particular leatherette cladding for the black Leica M 9, the black and silver Leica M9-P, the Leica MP a la carte and Leica M7 a la carte. The leatherette differs from the “Vulcanite” used up to now. The new leatherette cladding is slightly softer with a flatter surface embossing and a more matte finish. The change will be implemented during serial production, meaning that the first cameras with the leatherette cladding will be delivered shortly.

This is the memo from Leica that dealers received, indicating this change: