Leica Camera AG Reorganizes Sales Units

Because of Leica Camera AG's growth, despite general industry trends, they will be reorganizing their sales units. To further increase the efficiency and create potential for additional growth, Sales and Retail operations in the future will be separate organizational structures. Effective immediately, the Global Sales Director will be Steffen Keil (47). At the head of the German subsidiary will be Falk Friedrich (41). Tim Pullman (43) will assume the newly created position of Head of Retail Stores - Leica Germany and Austria. He will be responsible for the Leica Stores in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Vienna and Wetzlar.

The press release translated to English (via Google):

Leica Camera AG prepares sales organization for further growth

Leica Camera AG is expanding their global sales organization and assigns in this context, the responsibilities for the German market again. Now under the umbrella of the global Sales Unit operates a German organization in addition to various branch offices in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. The global reorganization of the sales area, the markets in which the Leica Camera AG is represented by subsidiaries and trading partners more closely tied to the company's headquarters in the Hessian town of Wetzlar. The goal is to expand the national companies and so globally to achieve greater market penetration.

Leica Camera AG has grown in recent years against the trend in global photography market, especially by working closely with retailers and a consistent focus on the company's own retail business with Leica galleries, Leica stores and boutiques. To further increase the efficiency and create potential for additional growth, Sales and Retail operate in the future in separate organizational structures. The Sales is listed as Global Sales Director with immediate effect by Steffen wedge (47). He is directly responsible national companies and reported to Kaltner Oliver, CEO of Leica Camera AG for Marketing, Sales and Retail. Previously wedge International had already successfully promoted as head of sales, the internationalization of sales structures.

At the head of the German subsidiary enters Falk Friedrich (41), the sales International has transactions with trading partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa established and expanded with great success in recent years. The former sales manager for Germany, Tim Pullman (43), has contributed significantly to the growth in its function of Leica Camera AG in the German market. He goes into the retail sector and assumes there the newly created position of Head of Retail Stores Leica Germany and Austria. As such, he is responsible for the Leica Stores in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, and Vienna Wetzlar.

About Leica Camera

The Leica Camera AG is an international manufacturer of premium cameras and sport optics products. The foundation for the myth of the Leica brand have laid the optics of the traditional company. In conjunction with innovative technologies, they provide up today for a better picture in all situations around the seeing and perceiving. The headquarters of Leica Camera AG is located in the Hessian town of Wetzlar, the second production site in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal. The company has its own offices in England, France, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, Italy, Australia and the USA. New, innovative products have driven the positive development of the company in the recent past.

Update (02/03/2015):

As part of its internationalization and transformation strategy for further growth, Leica has restructured its retail division. Subdivided into the areas of Retail Store Data Management, Retail Design, PoS Marketing, Leica Store Management, and the Leica Akademie, the divisions will operate within a clear multichannel concept alongside Retail Store activities.

To oversee the Retail divisions, Leica established the new position of Global Retail director, recruiting trade marketing and consumer electronics expert Frank Offermanns for this role. Offermanns, who assumed the position effective immediately, reports to Oliver Kaltner , a member of the board at Leica Camera AG and who is responsible for the areas of Marketing, Sales and Retail.

“I am particularly pleased that we have been able to get an established retail and photographic specialist like Frank Offermanns on board as Global Retail director at Leica Camera AG,” said Kaltner. “Throughout his professional career, he has achieved quite remarkable results, and has successfully aligned partners’ sales outlets and his employers’ own stores to meet the contemporary and digital needs of consumers.”

Offermanns, 50, has years of in-depth expertise in trade marketing, PoS marketing, and store and partner management obtained during various executive functions in the imaging and consumer electronics industries. For the past seven years, he held the position of manager for Trade Marketing at Canon Deutschland GmbH. During his tenure there, he oversaw the successful realization and implementation of an integrated trade marketing concept and PoS measures and concepts for the Canon Academy. In addition, he also developed and launched a number of planning, monitoring and analytic tools for trade marketing activities. Prior to this, Offermanns occupied top positions in trade marketing and product management at Sony Deutschland GmbH and LG Electronic Deutschland GmbH.

“With its long and glorious heritage, premium products, and a network of outstanding sales outlets, the Leica brand is the ideal base for ongoing positive growth in a difficult market segment,” commented Offermanns. “We intend to offer our customers the full range of options provided by modern retailing and transform the brand, its products, and solutions into an unforgettable digital experience.”