Leica to Announce New Film Leica M-A

Exclusive La Vida Leica news - we have word that Leica will be announcing a successor (and not a special edition) to the fabled Leica MP film camera among the New Leica Products at Photokina 2014! Likely during the 60 Years of Leica M event on the first day of the show. It will be called the Leica M-A. Don't expect huge changes, but subtle updates to the design, a better rangefinder and the return of the rewind crank (as it is no longer available separately)! It will be a standalone version similar to the one we saw introduced in the Leica M Edition 100 set earlier this year, albeit in a regular, rather than stainless steel body (just like the upcoming Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH). We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Update (9/8/14):

This camera is all but confirmed! Leica Camera AG leaked this camera on their website, as they did with the Leica T. Whoops. ;)

The picture we posted earlier was a false lead, so we pulled it. Sorry about that!

Funny, after swearing that there will NOT be a Leica M-A, Leica Rumors has changed their tune - and copied the details (read above and compare below):



Just for (future) reference, this is what the existing Leica M-A looks like, as part of the special Leica M Edition 100 set. Note that it is made of stainless steel, and lacks a meter:

Leica M-A Edition 100

Update (9/12/14):

It is the Leica M-A (Type 127) and will not have a meter, like the existing version of the M-A in the "Edition 100" set. Price is to be about $5,150 USD. Likely regular painted brass, like the current M-P.

Update (9/15/14):

The camera will be available in black chrome and silver chrome. Turns out not to be a successor, but a concurrent product. Even better.

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