Leica to Announce M 60 Special Edition

In a leak of their website, Leica Camera AG has tipped their hat once again, as they did with the Leica T. It has been all but confirmed that we will see a Leica M 60 Special Edition (as well as the Leica M-A film camera we mentioned earlier) among the New Leica Products at Photokina 2014! More details as we get them!

Update (9/8/14):

We're getting bits and pieces about this new camera. It will be "simplified." Does that mean no LCD? Our source seems to confirm that this will be the case. A few years back, Seal (the musician) requested this "feature" from Leica. Seems he's finally getting his wish. Another piece; it will only shoot color RAW/DNG images (using the same sensor as the Leica M (Type 240), and for obvious reasons - no video.

Update (9/12/14):

It will be made from stainless steel, feature anthracite leather and is limited to 600 pieces. It will come with a Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens in matching stainless steel (see the Leica M "Edition 100" which also has one). The price will be around $20,000 USD. Designed together with Audi.

Update (9/15/14):

This camera is confirmed, and the official name will be "Leica M Edition 60."

The essence of photography: the LEICA M Edition 60 Special edition for the 60th anniversary of the Leica M rangefinder system