Leica: 100 Years of Capturing the Moment

The Telegraph has an article called "Leica: 100 years of capturing the moment." It's a brief, whirlwind tour of a century of Leica photography - from Oskar Barnack's Ur Leica to the Leica 1 and later Leica M. Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Robert Capa and William Eggleston are mentioned, of course. Wrapping up the article is the move to digital. Another article explores "Leica Looks to the Future."

Their design hasn’t changed much in half a century and they belong to an era before Instagram and selfies. They suggest a certain seriousness – you can’t point and shoot with a classic Leica, there is no auto-focus – and so they are beloved of Hollywood stars who want to suggest polymath creative urges. And can actually afford to buy one.