La Vida Leica and Rumors

This post has been a long time coming. Honestly, we're fed up... With rumors. They're bullshit. We are not a rumor site. Never have been, never will be. Sure, we post them on occasion as we get some interesting info. But it's a thankless job. No one remembers what you got right - only what you got wrong. Well, things are very likely going to change around here, and it may well be sooner rather than later.

People will look at rumors and dissect your statements as they're wont to do. Some take them at face value. Others take it to a different level. Often, things get ugly. Then there are the know-it-alls that, well, really don't. Sometimes, just sometimes... People know more than you think you know yourself. Rumors are just that - second and third-hand information from the grapevine. Nobody ever said they were facts. The only people with facts are the manufacturers themselves and people with NDAs - and neither are talking. But some people can't contain their vitriol.

Some people also seem to have a problem actually reading what we write. They only see "Leica Z coming with these specs on such-and-such a date." Where things are vague, we say so. Be it a technical detail or expected release. We don't just make up these rumors! We merely post what our sources have shared with us. These people just don't get that.

Now, when we've posted them over the past four years, we did so with the highest accuracy possible, from respectable sources. We didn't just post anything that random, anonymous people told us (there are other sites for that). And of course we'd update them as new information came out. Don't you want the latest information? We weren't being revisionist - though we did change how we presented the information over the years. Even at the very end before release, some things weren't totally right. Very, very few rumors ever are. We don't know how many times we have to say that, but sorry - that's how it works. Some people need to accept that and move on.

Rumors are like assholes. Everybody's got one - and they all stink.

We've had a good run. We've had many exclusive news posts over the years that no one else had. When we said, "exclusive news" we meant it. The Leica M-A. The Leica M-E. M60. New M Monochrom. M-P, X and X-E. X Vario. The Leica T. Special editions. Accessories. Stores. The list goes on and on. Does anyone remember this, though? No, of course not. We've had to bring this up more and more with each new rumor. It's tiring. Especially since it's not really our schtick. It's also distracting and time-consuming. Worse, other sites would copy (steal) our content, post it as their own - and then they would get linked to, rather than us. Well, enough is enough.

At the end of the day, we don't care if people believe rumors. We give you what we heard, and you can make up your own mind. We don't post them for clicks - though they do generally cause spikes. But guess what? They don't generate any money for us. We don't care if there's a huge amount of site visits for a day or three. Because in the end, it's the regular, repeat visitors that are loyal to the site that matter... And we have some of the best fans in the world. They know the real deal. Not the few that occasionally stop by and take any opportunity to knock us down. You know what? We don't care about them, either. We've been doing this for four years... And we'll continue to do so whether you like us or not. It's not about you.

We can't really get into it yet, but suffice to say that wheels are in motion that could fundamentally change the way La Vida Leica operates. One immediate impact will largely mean the end of certain rumors. We couldn't be happier about this.

Rumors are the pimple on the ass of the industry.

Don't think of this as giving in. In our four, short years on the scene we've bested our competitors at their own game (and we only did it as a hobby). We're still the best site on the Internet for Leica news and information. That's a win, in our book. And it will only get better.

We pride ourselves in having unique, high quality content and a place for like-minded folks to hang out. Without prejudice, without in-fighting and without those annoying know-it-alls and their hangers-on. Your post count and/or gear list is not impressive. We're about Leica - and we're about photography.

We'll keep you posted as we mull things over about what the future will look like around here - and we'd like to thank those countless many of you from around the world that know us, trust us and have been with us every day. It's YOU that we're doing this for. The community.

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