Iridient Digital Adds Leica T Support in v2.4

Iridient Digital has released Iridient Developer 2.4, a major update to its RAW converter and image processing software for Mac OS X. This update includes a number of new features to provide better integration with other photo management tools, in particular Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture. Among several new features is support for the new Leica T.

Iridient Digital releases Iridient Developer 2.4 for Mac OS X

Pacific Grove, CA, May 7, 2014 -- Iridient Digital, Inc. has released Iridient Developer 2.4, a major update to my critically acclaimed RAW conversion and image processing software for Mac OS X.

The Iridient Developer 2.4 update can now be downloaded here:

This update includes a number of new features to provide better integration with other photo management tools, in particular Lightroom and Aperture. It is now much easier to use Iridient Developer as an external editor for both RAW and standard image editing tasks. New features include 'Find and Open RAW' for doing a local search for the RAW source of a standard image, the ability to overwrite standard images in place and support for automatically opening the RAW source image when sent a standard image for external editing. A new menu item has been added to quickly overwrite an image using the identical file name, image format, dpi and color profile quickly and this also allows overwriting the standard image source of RAW images as well.

More new features include: Support for exporting ZIP compressed TIFF images which allows for significantly reduced file size, especially at 16 bits/channel. PNG export now supports 4 different levels of compression for speed/file size optimization. Both TIFF and PNG export have both been updated for better performance and extended metadata field support. Now using the latest TIFF (v4.0.3) and PNG (v1.6.10) libraries for image export which eliminates a number of Mac specific dependencies and moves Iridient another step closer to running on other platforms. Tooltips have been returned to the thumbnail browser, now with even more image information than before including image size and exposure settings. View menu items have been added for keyboard shortcut based scrolling of the preview image which should fix some issues in previous versions where these keyboard shortcuts were not working when the main preview window did not have focus.

Fixed issue with UltraRez resizing method when using scale sizes smaller than 120%, fixed issue with some standard TIFF format images being mistaken as RAW files (particularly some TIFF files procuded by Lightroom) and various other improvements as well!

New RAW camera support includes:
Canon: G1 X Mark II and EOS 1200D (T5, Kiss X70)
Nikon: 1 V3 and 1 J4
Panasonic: DMC-GH4
Sony: ILCA-77M2 (A77 II)
Samsung: NX mini
Leica: T (Typ 701)

The complete list of over 550 supported RAW cameras can be viewed here:

The complete Iridient Developer version history including full release notes for version 2.4 can be viewed at the web site here:

This release is a paid upgrade for users who originally purchased a license prior to November 1, 2012. You get at least 18 months of FREE upgrades, regardless of version designation, when purchasing Iridient Developer. When used unregistered, in "demo" mode, Iridient Developer is fully functional however all exported images will be watermarked.

Upgrades are available to previously licensed users for the discounted price of $45 US by requesting a 40% discount code from

New licenses can be purchased for $75.00 US securely through Iridient Developer by selecting "Purchase..." from the File menu or securely online through my web store at:

Iridient Developer 2.4 is a 64-bit Intel application and requires a 64-bit capable Intel processor (Core 2 Duo or later) and Mac OS X version 10.6 or later.