HuffPost: Should Try the Leica MP

Over on the Huffington Post (Arts & Culture) is an article called "10 Classic Cameras Every Photographer Should Try." Definitely an eclectic list, with some iconic cameras among them. While we might not agree with all of the choices, we can certainly get behind number three... The Leica MP!

The Leica MP - The Leica MP is a true classic. I would think it would be hard to call oneself a serious photojournalist never having owned or at least used a Leica 35mm camera. The Leica M3 was the gold standard for a long time (and still is for many Leica fans) however, I would personally suggest the MP. The Leica M-A (type 117) is also a good choice. These are both, essentially, modern remakes of the M3 with a few modern conveniences or updates. The MP has a light meter, better winding mechanisms, and a nicer viewfinder. The M-A is for the real purist, with no battery and only shutter speeds for exposure control. In many ways classic Nikons are perhaps more "legendary" in regard to their photographic output, but there is no arguing the pure joy one gets from holding this piece of German engineering in hand. It's a unique experience fueled by one of the most successful and powerful brands in photographic history. A good used MP will likely run you at least $2500 US.