Fujifilm to Kill Off Movie Film?

From the what-the-hell-is-going-on-this-week department comes the latest bad news for film. Seems Fujifilm might stop manufacturing movie film. Now granted, Fuji film is used for about 20% of studio business with Kodak the other 80% - it's still another shocking round of bad news in recent weeks.

Fujifilm won a Sci-Tech Oscar this year for its contribution to motion pictures, but Deadline hears the division of the company that produces motion picture film is set to close by December 31. A Fuji spokesperson said they were unauthorized to answer any questions. However, industry sources say they are aware of the plans. “They clearly are going around telling people,” one says. Fuji film is used for about 20% of studio business with Kodak repping the other 80%, I’m told. While there remain stalwarts, fewer movies are shot on film today and eventually, a source opines, no one will be manufacturing it. However, film is still considered the best medium for archival preservation given the unknowns surrrounding the future of digital archives. In that regard, there’s a bigger general question facing the industry as it tries to work out what will be the best long-term solution.