Fujifilm Considered Acquiring Leica

In a recent interview with Fujifilm CEO Shigetaka Komori - German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine dove into some financial conversation. Much of what was said didn’t pertain directly to photography, but certain parts of the interview were very interesting indeed as far as Leica goes.

When asked about Leica, Komori revealed that Fujifilm considered acquiring the German camera manufacturer some time ago, but ended up deciding against it (here’s a translated quote):

Leica is a premium brand, and I admit when something is for sale is that tempting. But Leica has a different business model. We make the Fujifilm sensor, software, and all the important components themselves. We also have a very good brand. So why should we put Fujifilm technology in a body from Leica?


But when he wanted to buy Leica? If the CEO of Fuji wanted to buy it before it was bought by the Wild, is a disappointment because that would have avoided the glorious Leitz firm, fall into the hands of Schmidheiny and lost for ever his name brand. We hope that with the new Leitz-Park plant, back to the ancient and glorious name "Leitz Wetzlar" on all products, from lenses to camera. Regards