Esquire on the Cult of Leica Camera

Over on Esquire in the U.K. is a piece called, "The Cult Of The Leica Camera" that considers Leica's success to perhaps be attributable to something we all know and love... That red dot. The author, Simon Garfield - covers some history, his new Leica T (Type 701) and his visit to Wetzlar for the centennial celebrations - but generally muses about the cult that is Leica. Check it out!

It’s only a trick of the light, but you may also feel it’s a trick of the soul. And beyond that lies sheer joy, the feeling of holding something you know will enhance a life. When I first extracted my Leica T from its puzzle of boxes, and before pressing the shutter, I did one thing that I couldn’t control. I looked at it with awe, considered its elegance in my hands, and just laughed with pleasure.