Complicated - Like a Leica

The Guardian has an interesting piece, "Why we should design things to be difficult to use" that posits the interesting notion that product design is headed the wrong way... Not that a Leica is "complicated" but rather that everything else these days is designed to be too simple. Nothing makes one think anymore. A bit of an irony, considering just about every other camera available today... But we have to agree with the author in spirit.

I love my camera. I love it even though I took terrible pictures with it for a month. I love it even though I have to adjust the aperture, worry about depth of field and annoy my family while I twiddle with its metal knobs. I love it because it makes me think: about light, colour, composition. I take fewer pictures with it than I take with my phone, but much better ones. And I’m not alone in my love for my camera. While sales of point and shoot technology continue to decline, the market for fiddly manual cameras is growing nicely.