Canon Also Affected by Sensor Corrosion

Regular readers of the site know about the extensive reporting we did last year on the Leica M9 class sensor corrosion issue which we tongue-in-cheek nicknamed "CCDgate" (as a nod to various "scandals" afflicting Apple products in the past). Apparently it is now Canon's turn, with the sensors in the T6/T6i - as reported by Roger Cicala at Lensrentals. Interestingly, Roger also points the finger at the glue in the sensor stack; we did the same thing, and some know-it-alls criticized us...

The takeaway is not that so-and-so has a defective sensor. As the saying goes, "shit happens." Digital cameras are highly complex products and sometimes things aren't discovered until later, under real world use.

No, the takeaway is in how the respective company handles the issue with customers... And Leica Camera AG did it right (at great expense), offering free replacements on all affected sensors, regardless of origin (new, used, etc.) or warranty status - as they search for a permanent solution (which we confirmed with Leica is still ongoing). Knowing Canon as we do, we'd be surprised if they publicly acknowledge the issue.

Dear Canon users (namely those that bashed Leica last year)... Enjoy a nice, hot serving of crow.

Update (05/08/15):

We are pleasantly surprised to see that Canon has issued an advisory on the matter.

In some units of the models listed below, the following phenomenon may occur due to irregularities on an optical layer located in front of the image sensor.