Café Leitz is Open!

Pictured from the left is Matthias Emmer, Rebecca Watz, Sven Altena and Elisa Winkler - who care for the guests.

More signs of life in the new Leica headquarters in Wetzlar's Leitz Park - Café Leitz is open! The newspaper clipping seen above (and in full down below) was posted by Dr. Kaufmann.

The translation of the article below, by hand (no stinky Google translation):

Wetzlar has a new café. It's found at Leitz Park and is appropriately called "Café Leitz." It welcomes its guests, completely in white. Available for you are 52 seats inside and 46 seats outside, with a view of the fountain and the new administration building of Leica Camera AG. The hospitality is the concern of Matthias Emmer and his team from the company Aramark. On offer are fresh baked torts and cakes, pralines and truffels as well as soups and salads. Also available are freshly made rolls (sandwiches) in a camera design. Café Leitz is open from Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm, and can be reserved for private functions. For the public there is also the "Casino" in the main building, which is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30am for breakfast and 11:45am to 1:30pm for lunch. It's closed after 3:30pm. Contact them at (0 64 41) 2 08 01 13.

Here's a rendering of the cafe, showing the scale and overall view against the main building:

Here's a picture of the rangefinder bread rolls: