Art Shay - Life Through a Leica

For nearly 70 years, Art Shay kept two things by his side: the love of his life, Florence, and a camera (that camera being a Leica)... Chicago Magazine gives us the story of Art Shay in "Life Through a Leica" saying, "Over his long career, the renowned photojournalist Art Shay, 91, has taken thousands of photographs of kings, presidents, Hollywood celebs, and sports stars—chronicling people’s lives and news stories all over the world for such magazines as Time, Life, and Chicago." But the real story here is about an exhibition featuring his favorite subject - his wife Florence of 67 years - who sadly passed away in August of 2012. Beginning on January 27 and running to May 24, 2014 at Columbia College Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography and Library (MoCP), be on the look out for "My Florence."